$20 Donation Provides 5 Thanksgiving Meals!

With Thanksgiving approaching, The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) has launched its Holiday Meal Drive to help thousands of families in eastern Massachusetts who otherwise may not have a Thanksgiving dinner.

Many families, like Donna’s, are facing hunger for the very first time.  She and her husband lost their jobs simultaneously, and as the bills piled up, they lost their home. Now homeless, they have moved in with a relative, but still struggle to feed their two sons.

It’s for families like Donna’s, and others who turn to the hunger-relief agencies we support, that I hope you’ll join me and help a family in need this Thanksgiving. A $20 donation provides 5 Thanksgiving meals!

Please don’t miss this special opportunity to make a difference for less-fortunate children and families throughout eastern Massachusetts this Thanksgiving. Together we can turn this season into a Harvest of Hope.

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