Homeless at Risk from Summer Heat

Many of us think about the homeless during stretches of bitter winter cold.  We imagine trying to survive without a roof over our heads while the snow or freezing rain is falling, and the temperatures plummet.  In wintertime many of us donate socks, hats, coats and blankets to organizations like the Pine Street Inn, knowing that they will distribute them – along with other needed care – to Boston’s homeless.

But the summer months also pose a serious threat to those without shelter.  The risk of dehydration and heat stroke is very real, and this is an especially vulnerable population.  So just as they do during the cold winter months, outreach workers from the Pine Street Inn take to the streets to check on the homeless residents of the city, to distribute water and sunscreen, and to encourage them to get into the air-conditioned shelter at the Pine Street Inn.

Learn more about these outreach programs, and consider making a donation to help the Pine Street Inn maintain these services.