Jeans, please!

Did you accidentally shrink your jeans? Or are you one of the few who kept to your New Year’s Resolution and your jeans are too big? Well, good news, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless’ Teen Closet Program is featuring a “Jeans Please” clothing drive. Commit yourself and a team of your friends and neighbors to help serve those most in need and join us in our JEANS PLEASE clothing drive for women, men, and children of all ages.


Today 1 in 7 children and teenagers in Massachusetts is growing up in poverty.  A teenager growing up in poverty often has to live without the most basic of items such as clothing and a home. Youth and young adults blend into the crowd on subways, streets and even sitting on park benches. Just by the fact they are young and have their life ahead of them, most of us passing by would never expect they are homeless. The National Alliance to End Homelessness estimates that during a year there are approximately 550,000 teenagers and young adults who experience an episode of homelessness lasting longer than one week.

The Teen Closet is a place for students to stop by during school hours to receive free of cost clothing and hygiene products.