Long Island Shelter Update

The Boston Public Health Commission published “Information on Long Island Services Relocation” on Friday, October 17, 2014.  The notice was updated on November 14th as follows:

Due to safety concerns related to the Long Island Bridge, the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), other city, state and nonprofit service providers have relocated services previously provided on Long Island to other facilities on the mainland. It is expected that these programs will be relocated for an extended period of time; however BPHC and the City of Boston are reviewing options for both short and long-term solutions. Our highest priority is ensuring that people affected by the Island’s closure have access to the shelter and services that they need.

How to Access Homeless Services:

  • People looking for shelter for the evening should go to Central Intake at the Woods-Mullen Shelter, located at 794 Massachusetts Avenue, in Boston.

How to Access Addiction Treatment Services:

We take the retrieval of client belongings very seriously. It is our priority to properly store belongings and return them to our clients as quickly as possible. We have developed a plan to recovery of personal items left on Long Island.​ Please click here to learn more about the procedure for the retrieving client belongings​.

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