Masschusetts Coalition for the Homeless Year-end Appeal

The Mass. Coalition for the Homeless has launched a very specific appeal that could allow all of us a chance to make a big difference in the life of a child as the year draws to a close.  Please read the following and consider helping out in any way you can. 
Did you know that today one in every five children is living in poverty? This is a staggering statistic that only begins to tell the story. For the majority of these children, graduating from school offers them an opportunity to escape living in poverty as an adult.
The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless has been working in public schools in low-income communities for the past several years offering students’ families assistance with their housing issues with a goal of ensuring that these children do not become homeless. Annually, over 1,000 families are assisted by our work, allowing them to escape having to enter into a shelter and offering their children a more stable education.
Yet, most recently through our work in the schools, we have learned that many students do not have a bed, and are sleeping on the floor or with a sibling. Many of the students’ families have had an infestation of bed bugs – a growing epidemic in many urban areas – forcing them to throw out their beds without being able to afford to buy new ones. For others, their families are simply too poor to buy a bed at all.
Although a bed may not seem like the most pressing social issue, it does have a major effect on a child’s ability to come to school prepared to learn, which can have long term consequences on their education. To break the cycle of poverty, we know we have to give these children all the tools they need to assist them in their education. One of these is a bed.
The Coalition has recently launched A Bed for Every Child campaign with the goal of raising the financial support needed to purchase 1,500 beds and linens for students without one. As you consider your year-end charitable contributions, we’d be grateful if you’d support our efforts with a tax-deductible gift to A Bed for Every Child. All donations will go directly to purchase beds and linens for children in need over the coming year, and can be made online by going to
Your support will help us to make it possible for a child living in poverty to receive one of the tools they need to get a good education and that is a good night’s sleep.
Thank you for your consideration of this appeal for support, and very best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!
Robyn Frost
Executive Director
The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless

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