A New Day (formerly Womansplace Crisis Center)

950 W. Chestnut Street
PO Box 4206
Brockton MA 02403

Phone: (508) 588-2045
Hotline: (508) 588-8255
TTY: (508) 894-2869
Email: wplacecc@ix.netcom.com

Website: http://www.hcsm.org/dfhs/wcc.htm

A New Day (formerly Womansplace Crisis Center; the name was changed in August of 2010) is committed to working toward the elimination of violence against women and children through direct services, education and social activism.

24-hour Emergency Hotlines – 7 days/week:

  • Sexual Assault:  508-588-8255   TDD 508-894-2869
  • Domestic Violence: 508-588-2041   TDD 508-583-3712
  • Toll-free Hotline:  888-293-7273
  • En Español: 800-223-5001

Services Offered:

Free, confidential services offered for women and children who have experienced sexual assault and/or domestic violence. Services include:

EMERGENCY SHELTER – women and children in flight from violent homes may reside in
our confidential battered women’s shelter for up to 90 days. A wide array of counseling and advocacy services assist the residents in obtaining skills and resources necessary to begin a new life. Sheltered children participate in educational, recreational and counseling activities. Call 508-588-2041.

CRISIS INTERVENTION – Staff will meet with survivors and their families or friends at the hospital, police station, or courthouse. Staff will provide information, support, and/or referrals to guide them through the medical, criminal justice and social service systems.


Individual Counseling – Confidential, short-term individual counseling at our center and at schools or community agencies as needed.

Services for:

  • Children up to age 12 who have been sexually abused;
  • Parents of children who have been sexually abused;
  • Women and adolescents who have experienced rape, sexual abuse, teen dating violence, or domestic violence;
  • HIV counseling for women of any age who have experienced rape, sexual abuse, or domestic violence.

Group Counseling – Support groups both on-site and in the community, e.g. area schools, homeless shelters, and residential programs. Groups exist for survivors of rape, child sexual abuse, and domestic and/or dating violence. We also have a group for parents of children who have been sexually abused. We offer groups to meet the needs of specific ages, such as teens and older women. Most groups are available in English, Spanish, and Capeverdean Creole. As groups change over time, please call us for a current listing.

MEDICAL, LEGAL, HOUSING AND WELFARE ADVOCACY – Womansplace participates in SAFEPLAN. This is a court-based program designed to assist victims of domestic violence with safety planning and with obtaining restraining orders.

TEEN PROGRAM – counseling, groups, education

OLDER WOMEN’S PROGRAM – counseling, advocacy, groups

VOLUNTEER TRAINING – 35-hour training program for volunteers

Services provided in English, Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole, and Portuguese.
Womansplace Crisis Center is a program of Health Care of Southeastern Massachusetts
Womansplace is partially funded by DSS, DPH, VOCA, EOPS, the United Way, private grants and donations from individuals, cities and towns.