Boston Area Gleaners

240 Beaver St.
Waltham MA 02452

Phone: (781) 894-3212


The Boston Area Gleaners is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing surplus farm crops for people in need.   The organization delivers high quality, local produce to pantries and meal programs by working closely with local farmers, providing volunteer labor to harvest what would otherwise be plowed under.

What is Gleaning?

Gleaning is the act of collecting surplus crops from farmers’ fields. In  ancient times, gleaning was used as a method of improving community food security for everyone. Farmers would invite the poor members of their communities onto their farms after a harvest to “glean” whatever crops were left in the fields.

Today, Boston Area Gleaners organizes volunteer gleaning groups to harvest crops from local farms in order to aid farmers in distributing their surplus to those in need. There are many reasons why farmers have surplus crops to donate.

Its gleaned produce is distributed amongst 500+ hunger relief agencies in eastern Massachusetts through partnerships with food bank distribution agencies, such as Food for Free and the Greater Boston Food Bank, and through direct deliveries to around 20 small local food pantries.

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