Bridge Over Troubled Waters

47 West Street
Boston MA 02111

Phone: (617) 423-9575


Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Bridge) is Boston’s premier organization dedicated to transforming the lives of runaway, homeless, and high-risk youth through safe, supportive, and encouraging relationships and effective and innovative services that guide them toward self-sufficiency.

Bridge Services

  • Counseling: Get help for substance abuse, family and peer relationships, survival needs, and other crisis intervention services. Bridge counselors are here to support you and listen to you.
  • West Street Residence: The West Street Residence provides homeless young adults ages 18 to 24 with shelter, food, clothing, meals, and safety, along with access to a wide range of support and services.
  • High School Equivalency and Career Development: This free program helps students who have not completed high school earn their high-school equivalency diploma.
  • Single Parent House: The Single Parent House provides housing, life-skills training, and support to homeless pregnant or parenting girls ages 18 to 21 and their children.
  • Medical and Dental Care at Bridge: Bridge provides weekly dental clinics, medical clinics, and HIV/STD testing and counseling to youth ages 14 to 24.
  • Mobile Medical Van: The Bridge Mobile Medical Van can be found at Park Street and Harvard Square every weekday evening. Volunteer medical staff offer basic first aid, referrals, and health advice.
  • Runaway Services:  Bridge provides support and services to runaway youth and their families and is the primary responder for calls to the National Runaway Switchboard for the Boston area.
  • Transitional Day Program:  Bridge can help you with basic survival services such as food, health care, and a safe place to go to get off the streets. Visit the second floor of the Bridge building for a free breakfast or lunch. You can shower, use the lockers, do your laundry, attend a workshop, and find someone to talk to.
  • Transitional Living Program:  Bridge’s Transitional Living Program provides housing, life-skills training, and support to homeless youth ages 18 to 21.
  • Warming Center:  The  Warming Center is open every night, including weekends, from 10:00 PM to 6:45 AM, offering homeless youth warmth, safety, and supportive adults who can help.