Cambridge YWCA Emergency Family Shelter

7 Temple
Cambridge MA

Phone: (617) 491-6050


The YWCA Cambridge Family Shelter is a safe haven for 10 homeless families form diverse ethnic, racial and economic backgrounds. Currently, adult family members range from 20-60 years of age, while their children range from newborn to 18 years old. The goal of the family shelter program is to provide a safe, normalizing environment for families who have experienced the physical and emotional trauma of homelessness.

Staff at the Family Shelter strives to provide continuous, daily support to the residents by assisting them in achieving their own personal goals such as: completing school, applying for and securing jobs, attending training programs and overcoming substance abuse issues. In collaboration with other service providers, the Family Shelter staff conduct workshops for the residents on budgeting, parenting, safety, health issues, domestic violence, and other topics. The residents also receive health care services through weekly visits from a Nurse Liaison from Cambridge Health Alliance.

Each family is referred to the Family Shelter through the state Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), and their lengths of stay vary. Working in Collaboration with staff at the Cambridge Multi-Service Center, YWCA Cambridge Family Shelter staff assist all the residents to obtain housing. After the families are housed, Multi-Service Center staff provide stabilization support.

Homeless families seeking shelter can either contact the DTA directly (1 Davis Square, Somerville, 617-629-1400), or can visit the Cambridge Multi-Service Center (19 Brookline Street in Central Square, 617-349-6340) for assistance in applying for DTA eligibility for shelter services.