Carolina Hill

728 Main Street
Marshfield MA 02051

Phone: (781) 837-1377


Carolina Hill is a transitional shelter for homeless families.   It can accommodate families whose members may have special needs (e.g., developmentally disabled or handicapped). The facility and its location are ideal for families, with a fenced yard, recreation building and living spaces ideally suited for larger families who cannot find shelter elsewhere.

The average length of stay for a family at Carolina Hill is six months, during which the parents receive mandatory counseling in order to examine the reasons for their homelessness and to avoid similar situations in the future. The program houses from 13 – 17 families depending upon the size of the families.

Training is provided in basic life skills such as money management, parenting, nutrition, assertiveness, advocacy and accessing community resources. These training programs, which emphasize the acquisition of skills, confidence and information, lead to a certificate of “housing readiness” and can expedite a successful housing search. Case management, housing search, GED and ESL classes are also provided.

Although all Carolina Hill residents share a common problem of homelessness, many are also escaping situations of domestic violence and/or recovering from substance abuse. Families are referred to outside services and agencies for childcare, individual, group and family counseling, community support, domestic violence programs, furniture programs, substance abuse programs, day programs and much more.  After families are successfully placed in a new home, follow-up services are available to assist their smooth transition into local schools and social services.


Donations are fully tax deductible. You may make monetary donations online by clicking here, or by sending checks payable to Carolina Hill to the office at 728 Main Street, Marshfield, MA 02050.

In addition to monetary donations, clothing, especially for children, books and, of course, toys are accepted.

Donations can be brought to the Carolina Hill Shelter at 728 Main Street, Marshfield, MA 02050, Mondays-Fridays, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.