Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless

15 Bubier Street
Lynn MA 1901

Phone: (781) 595-7570


Founded in 1981, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless is committed to ensuring that everyone has a place to call home. The Coalition’s policy work and programs address this issue on three fronts. First, the Coalition provides bridges over short-term crisis, helping homeless and at-risk people to relocate quickly into new housing or avoid homelessness altogether. Second, the Coalition works to ensure adequate and appropriate shelter if homelessness is unavoidable. Third, the Coalition advocates for long-term solutions to the housing crisis, promoting government support for income and housing resources so that all Massachusetts residents can obtain and maintain safe, affordable housing. As the Coalition works to address the causes, not just the symptoms of homelessness, it remains committed to creating opportunities for families and individuals to advocate for their own needs.

Main Office: 15 Bubier Street, Lynn, MA 01901

Boston Mailing Address: 398 Columbus Avenue, Suite 322, Boston, MA 02116

Furniture Donation: 781.595.7570 x13

Request Furniture or Client Referral: 781.595.7570 x11

Volunteer Information and Events: 781.595.7570 x19