Our Father’s House

4 Leighton St.
Fitchburg MA 1420

Phone: (978) 345-2256

Website: http://www.ofhshelter.com

Our Fathers House is a private, non-sectarian agency providing shelter and related services to homeless men and women. Rooted in Judeo-Christian values emphasizing the dignity of the individual, its programs encourage and assist each guest to become self-sufficient.

There are three main programs that work to provide these services to North Worcester County. They serve about 600 individuals on a yearly basis, with the most common issues being substance abuse and mental illness.

The main program is the emergency shelter on Lunenburg Street. The emergency shelter for men has 20 beds, and the transitional shelter for women has 8 beds. All clients must be clean and sober in order to stay in the shelter. The shelter provides 3 meals a day, and also assists individuals in finding housing and employment, and referring them to other programs they might need.

The two other programs are transitional housing: the Leighton Street program for men, and Elizabeth House for women. Both programs are designed to cater to the needs of clients with substance abuse and mental illness. The individuals entering the program must have a continuous source of income, at least 30 days of sobriety, and are willing to participate in the program and commit to recovery. Leighton Street Transitional Housing has twelve two-bedroom units, and Elizabeth House has eight bedrooms. The programs have a 60-70% success rate in finding individuals affordable, permanent housing.