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New Bedford MA 2740

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People Acting In Community Endeavors (PACE Inc.) works to alleviate poverty in New Bedford. The organization operates more than nineteen programs with a budget of over $35 million annually and 200 employees. It assists more than 40,000 individuals annually.


Housing Services
The PACE Housing Services Program works to prevent homelessness and to assist families and individuals with searching for affordable housing. The Program serves low income people (who do not receive TAFDC) with other housing related programs such as providing housing information to tenants and landlords and provides referrals for other support services.

Address: 95 Cedar Street, New Bedford, MA 02740
Phone: 508-993-0033

Fuel Assistance
The PACE Fuel Assistance Program assists moderate and low income households with their heating needs. The Program helps pay heating bills from November 1st through April 30th every year. Fuel Assistance is an income based program and it does not matter what source of heat the client uses. Some clients whose heat is included in their rent may also be eligible.

In addition to paying client heating bills, eligible clients are put on a low income rate for their gas, electric and telephone bills.

When a household is eligible for Fuel Assistance they may also be eligible for weatherization of their home or apartments and heating system repair or replacement if they are homeowners. With an energy audit of their residence the program has the ability to replace refrigerators if the existing one is insufficient.

Address: 166 William St.
Phone: 508-999-9920

SERVE/Emergency Food Bank
PACE operates two food programs for individuals and families; The SERVE Program and The Emergency Food Bank.

SERVE is a food buying program which is open to anyone regardless of their income. For $25.00 (cash or Food Stamps) plus a $1.00 handling cost and two hours of community service per month, each consumer will receive more than $45.00 worth of fresh, frozen and packaged foods.

The Emergency Food Bank is maintained exclusively within PACE. The Program receives referrals in-house and from other agencies within the Greater New Bedford Area. Canned and packaged goods are provided to families and individuals in need of food.

Address: 166 William St.
Phone: 508-999-9920

Health Access
PACE provides outreach and application assistance to any person under age 65 who would like to apply to the Mass Health, Commonwealth Care and Choice Programs. The Mass Health Program is a state and federal funded health insurance program with a full range of benefits.

Eligibility is based on income and family criteria. The Health Access Program also provides information pertaining to free health care and dental programs for the uninsured.

Address: 166 William St.
Phone: 508-999-9920

Dental Sealant Clinic
PACE is the proud sponsor of the Dental Sealant Clinic which is a collaborative effort of PACE, GNBRTVHS, and New Bedford Public Schools.

PACE initiated the program in September 2000 because of the lack of dental services in the New Bedford area. Uninsured second grade students from New Bedford schools are transported to the Clinic where a volunteer dentist screens the children