Pine Street Inn

444 Harrison Avenue
Boston MA 2118

Phone: (617) 829-9100


Serving Boston’s homeless population since Pine Street Inn is the largest shelter and resource for the homeless in New England. The organization offers emergency services as well as a focus on helping individuals overcome obstacles and receive counseling and education in order to permanently leave the shelter behind.

Emergency programs include:
Two Emergency Shelters – Together, the men and women’s inns shelter 700 homeless individuals each night. Along with hot meals and a safe place to sleep, these shelters offer guests health care, counseling, job training and other services.
Daytime Outreach – teams go out on foot across the city offering advocacy, medical and psychiatric services to homeless individuals
Nighttime Outreach – teams in vans travel the city offering food, blankets, medical assistance and compassion
Overnight Drop-in Center – offers food, clothing, health care, counseling and safe shelter each night for 60 to 70 homeless adults.
Healthcare – through collaboration with Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, top-notch medical care is offered for acute and chronic health issues

Long-term programs in job training and literacy help today’s homeless population transition to stable employment and permanent housing.

Affordable Housing: Since 1984, Pine Street Inn has developed permanent residences for homeless individuals and for families. Pine Street currently has nearly 500 tenants in 28 residences throughout greater Boston. This permanent housing is available for men and women capable of living independently, and specialized housing is open to tenants with a history of mental illness or who are living with HIV/AIDS.