The Corner Shop

First Congregational Church
1180 Main Street
Holden MA 1520

Phone: (508) 829-9270


A used clothing thrift shop located in the UCC Church in Holden.

Most clothes are donated to the shop, but clothes are also taken on consignment. Acceptance of consigned clothing is limited to clothes that are in-season, good quality, a sale value of at least $1.00, and that sell within two months.

The shop’s customers consist of people from all walks of life – who are looking to reduce their household expenses by purchasing good quality clothing at a low cost.

How do donations and purchases help the community?
25% of the shop’s total sales is transferred to the church’s operating budget each year.
The Shop provides two $1000 scholarhips each year to area students who are looking to pursue a college education.
The Shop is one of the largest contributors to an inner city thrift shop and outreach mission in Worcester.
The Shop provides clothing to each of the Interfaith Hospitality Network families during their stay with us.
The Shop is part of the church’s Care Network – and provide emergency clothing to people and family with urgent needs.
The shop provides clothing to special international missions that send good, usable clothing to other countries.
The shop provides winter coats to the veteran’s shelter in Worcester.
The shop sends used blankets and towels to animal shelters and hospitals.