Thousands of Homeless Children Treated to ‘Christmas in the City’

BOSTON (CBS) — A Christmas sing-along helped put families into the holiday spirit at Boston’s Hynes Convention Center Sunday.

Jake Kennedy and his wife have been organizing “Christmas in the City” for more than 20 years.

“Every year it brings me to tears, it brings my family, my wife,” Kennedy said. “We’re blessed to do it, we love to do it, we can’t believe how much it is.”

Kennedy said the need is greater than ever this year, with 4,500 homeless children attending the holiday party.

“They get an entire day, they get their first pony ride, they get cake, ice cream, you name it, they get a full winter wonderland,” Kennedy said.

Patricia Garcia lives in a homeless shelter with her daughter and niece. This is their first ever Christmas in the City and Garcia says the kids are thrilled.

“To be able to come to an event like this and to be able to partake in all these activities and people pay attention to them, and recognize them, it means so much to them,” Garcia said.

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